Friday, February 13, 2009

Shopping for a cause....

This is just another reminder to all my Australian readers that Coles are donating all profits today to the Victoria Fire Appeal. So just by shopping at one of there stores today we can help! If you cannot make it there, Woolworths are also donating profits on Friday 20th. Thanks Vickie for the heads up on this appeal!


LexyB said...

That's a super-easy way to help ... although it would be nicer of the supermarkets just to make a big fat cash donation!

Millie said...

Just walked in from doing exactly this Amanda! We only have a Woolies up here in the Hills, & I was down in Adelaide, I stopped in @ the Coles near our old house. It was lovely - saw heaps of our old neighbours & helped our Victorian friends - so it was a very pleasant shop. I'm positive both Woolies & Coles donated $1m. each on the Telethon last night + what's raised with these special shopping days.

Have a lovely weekend my dear - hope there's lots of love & romance in store for you tomorrow!
Millie ^_^