Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today's Inspiration

I am often inspired by the many beautiful blogs out there and these images from the lovely Michelle Adams, author of M.A Belle blog are no exception. She has shared some beautiful photos of J.K Capri hotel which she visited on her recent trip to Italy...I just have to put them on my blog!! Michelle is the talented lady behind the beautiful Rubie Green fabrics disributed via Oliveaux.

If you go to her site she has a lot more images and perfect descriptions of many of the hotel's features and furnishings.

This is the beautiful library. I love the white wing chairs and again the stunning sconces. Beautiful design books to read, flowers...just stunning!

Above images all via M.A. Belle

I love the wall sconces in the breakfast room. The colour on the wall is stunning and those chairs! Who is up for a trip to Italy??

Image via Marina Grand

Check out her blog for more stunning images....
Thanks for the inspiration Michelle!!


Les Cotrions said...

Gorgeous blog! Lovely images! Capri is a stunning place! I love it! All the area near Naples and Naples too are wonderful! Beautiful places, delicious food, romantic songs and very warm people! I'm Italian and passionate about home decor and antiques!
Have a nice day!

Jules said...

beautiful photos! i love the unique stair rail!

Oliveaux said...

Thanks for the comments...I would love to go to Italy one day and experice eveything you have mentioned! I am with you Jule's the stair rails are my favourite!! Amanda

Kimberlee said...

Wow. My friends have just been to Lake Como for a wedding - JEALOUS! - beautiful. I haven't forgotten either re rubie green cushions, still deciding what i want! - is her fabric just upholstering fabric or is it suitable for cushions as well?
Thanks Amanda! x

Oliveaux said...

What a fabulous place to go for a wedding...It so makes you want to take a holiday hey! I will email you the details of the fabrics.

Millie said...

Bellisimo!! I want to stay here & never leave - just get the Man-of-the-House to redirect my mail & send money!! Thank you Amanda for another lovely post.
Millie ^_^

Oliveaux said...

Thanks Millie...sounds like a great plan!!